Based at the historic RAAF Williams Point Cook Airfield we specialise in scenic and aerobatic flights around Melbourne in our fleet of Tiger Moths and our Yak 52 Russian military aircraft.

Take a step back in time as you climb aboard one of our award winning 1940's WWII Tiger Moths. You will look the part wearing our leather flying helmet, goggles, gloves and flying jacket as you feel the wind in your face and experience the freedom of open cockpit flying. Bring a friend and try a Tiger Moth formation flight. If you dare, try some WWII style aerial dog fighting. For the thrill seekers take a ride in the awesome Yak 52. Get ready for the speed, the G's and the adrenaline rush. Take the controls yourself and see what it's really like.

Whether it's enjoying the stunning panoramic views of Melbourne and its sophisticated skyline or hanging by your harness as you experience the ultimate 3D rollercoaster ride, we can provide the total flight experience to suit your individual taste and budget.