If you're a visitor to Melbourne or lived here all your life there's no better way to get your bearings and appreciate the sights around this beautiful city than by a flight in an open cockpit aircraft.

We can organize flights over the central business district, around the beaches of Port Phillip Bay or in fact, anywhere you want to go. We have a range of standard scenic routes to suit everybody's taste and budget.

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For those who want more action, experience what it would have been like to dog fight like the Red Baron in WW1 and take the aerobatic option. From the front seat of the Tiger Moth you can experience the same sensations and excitement as a WW1 pilot experienced in his open cockpit bi-plane fighter more than 90 years ago.

You will spin, loop and roll through the sky in the ultimate roller coaster ride.

If the Tiger Moth is still too tame for you then we dare you to take a seat in the mighty Yak 52 and endure some extreme aerobatics.

We start off gently and slowly increase the tempo of the manoeuvres to build up your resistance so you can handle advanced aerobatics such as the inverted spin. Experience firsthand what it's like to do aerobatics as you take the controls yourself.

If this doesn't topple your gyros then nothing will.

Robert Trevan enjoys a different
view of Lismore, NSW.

Photography And Film Work

The aircraft can be made available for weddings, special occasions or with your classic motor vehicle from any airport in the Melbourne area.

Take advantage of the aircraft's authentic WW2 colour scheme and romantic appeal of the classic Tiger Moth which has been portrayed in movies like "The English Patient" and "Paperback Hero".

The charges for photography are $100 per hour